FAQ: Clover Lawn

Lots of people have shown an interest in a clover lawn. I have had one for six years and here's what I've learned. I'll start with what it looks like, and then explain what I did below. Crimson clover in the foreground, white clover in background. Quick note, crimson clover is an annual, so if … Continue reading FAQ: Clover Lawn

Why You Should Hire a Garden Designer

I had spent hours in the garden, and I hated it. I didn't want to go out and work a single minute more. I no longer cared if my plants lived or died (and many plants were on their way to dead).  I even considered selling the house so I didn't have to worry about … Continue reading Why You Should Hire a Garden Designer

Garden Help

If aren't sure what to do in your garden or landscape and need help reaching your goals, I can help. I focus on creating beautiful, sustainable and functional gardens. Located in Northern Utah. For my contact information, click the link above. Here's Why You Should Hire A Garden Designer. Services Design: Focusing primarily on residential landscapes … Continue reading Garden Help